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May 08, 2016 | dmatheson | 1335 views
North Perth Social Media Code of Conduct
Cash Calendar tickets must be handed in to any executive by evening of June 1st!! Due to printer errors of the date on the cash calendar tickets, the draw will be held June 3, 2016.

Please read carefully.

North Perth Social Media Code of Conduct
All members should observe the following guidelines when posting online and/or participating in online conversations regarding North Perth Lacrosse or the lacrosse community in general;
1.       Do not speak on behalf of North Perth Lacrosse Assoc. Avoid officially representing North Perth Lacrosse unless you have been authorized to do so. Do not portray yourself as a spokesperson on issues relating to the club.
2.       Be honest about who you are. Where your connection to North Perth Lacrosse is apparent or when commenting on matters related to North Perth Lacrosse, include a disclaimer or include your position with the club in your online profile.
3.       Maintain confidentiality. Do not share any confidentiality or privileged information online. Respect the privacy of the club and its members by refraining from sharing information unless you have permission to do so.
4.       Remember that the Internet is a public space. Consider everything you post online in the same manner as anything that you would post on a public bulletin board or submit to a newspaper; both are public and permanent.
5.      Respect others. Avoid posting any material that may be offensive, demeaning, inappropriate, abusive or threatening to others. Always speak about other clubs in a positive and respectful manner.

6.       When in doubt, ask. If you have any questions about using social media in an appropriate manner; please contact Honey Montgomery.