Why Play Paperweight (North Perth Outlaws Lacrosse)

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Season Details:

Age of participants: 2017-2020 Location:
Listowel, Seaforth & Wingham
Start Date: May 3rd
End Date: June 21st


Required Equipment:
Helmet with cage, lacrosse or hockey gloves and running shoes.

Basic Season Structure:
8 weeks of lacrosse once a week every Wednesday


1. Have most of the summer off
A shorter season allows families to have most of July and all of August to do other summer activities.

2. A good introduction to the sport of lacrosse

Paperweight lacrosse allows a player to play a shorter full season of lacrosse to see if the sport is for them.

3. Develop lacrosse skills and general fitness
Our paperweight program helps players develop fundamental lacrosse skills and lacrosse is a great off season complimentary sport for those who play hockey, broomball, and ringette. Lacrosse is a sport that involves a lot of running and agility footwork and promotes a very healthy lifestyle as well.

4. Free Registration!

Less time commitment
A shorter season and no more than one hour of lacrosse per week is much easier to fit into a family's busy summer schedule.

6. Provides the opportunity to play multiple summer sports
Because of less time commitment, players will have time to play other sports.

7. Make new friends
North Perth Lacrosse draws players from such communities as Wingham, Listowel, Howick,
Blyth, Brussels, Seaforth, Clinton, Lucknow, and Goderich.

8. More emphasis on fun and development
Although many players enjoy stiff competition and seeing where their team ranks against others, lots
of kids just want to play, have fun, and get better. That is the main goal of our paperweight program.

9. A consistent schedule
Our once a week paperweight program runs on the same night every week, with the possible
exception of nights that land on a holiday.

10. It's Canada's national summer sport. 

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