Referees (North Perth Outlaws Lacrosse)

Welcome to the Referees' Webpage!

Canada's National Summer sport is about to begin another season of play! 

A referee is a person who has the authority to make decisions regarding play during an event.  In minor lacrosse, two referees must always be present and their decisions are final.  To be a good referee, your decisions must be swift, accurate and unbiased.

North Perth Outlaws are looking for people interested in becoming referees for the 2023 season.  You need to be at least 14 years of age and attend a clinic to become certified.  At the clinic you will learn the rules, hand signals and duties that a referee has before, during and after every game.

The Referee Clinic for this area is to be announced.  If you are interested in attending and becoming a box lacrosse referee, send an email to the Referee In Chief and we will make sure you get registered.

Please go the following link for the 2023 OLA Box lacrosse Referee clinic dates and information:

Will be announced shortly.