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North Perth Outlaws Modified Playing Rules 2021

**NOTE: The North Perth Outlaws will follow all public health measures and OLA guidelines.  The following rules were derived directly from the OLA Return To Activity documents.**

Aside from these rule modifications, all CLA/OLA playing rules are in effect.  Where a situation occurs in any scrimmage or game that is not covered by these rule modifications, the official's decision is final and is guided by the principle of "erring on the side of caution in the interest of participant safety."  Situations that affect game play should be reported to the appropriate league representative for inclusion in updated versions of this document.  Where these RTA protocols are not followed, officials and/or league personnel have the authority to suspend game play and file a report with OLA VP Minor Tanya Thompson.
*** Officials have full control over the game ***
Game Play:
  • Games are no longer than 40 minutes (two 20-min halves, 3-min half time, teams do not change ends, no overtime in league play)
  • Stop time is the last 30-seconds of each half(when score is 5 goals or less)
  • Games are played 3 on 3, 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 dependent on roster size
  • There is no crease diving by attacking player in any division(penalty shot for interference if any contact is made)
  • Nets are appropriate to the age division
  • The visiting team is awarded possession to begin the game
  • The home team is awarded possession to begin the second half
  • In all other instances where a face-off may result(player injury, etc.), the team who had the ball last retains possession, unless the injury is sustained by a goalie, in which case the goalie is awarded possession
Post-Goal Restarts:
  • After a goal is scored, the opposing team is awarded a "free clear" to the face-off dot
  • Players may not be within 3m (9ft) of the player who is awarded possession at centre, but may be positioned anywhere on the floor
  • The official does not touch the ball with their hands (the home team is responsible for ensuring additional balls are ready when needed)
  • Play begins on the official's whistle
  • Occur dynamically during game play, unless a buzzer system is used to regulate line changes
  • Teams should designate entry and exit doors on the bench to maintain consistent pathways for players
Loose-Ball Situations:
  • Players contesting a loose ball are awarded possession by the "first to reach/quick whistle" rule
  • The official nearest the ball will stop play and call out the jersey colour of the player closest to the ball when play is stopped
  • The closest player will pick up the ball and their opponent(s) must fall back at least 3m (9ft), and the official will quick whistle to restart play
  • Players who do not fall back at least 3 m on a "loose ball/quick whistle" are penalized by a Delay-of-Game penalty
  • No body-to-body contact or stick-to-body contact at all during play, including setting picks
  • First infraction: penalty shot
  • Second infraction, same player: expulsion
  • stick-to-stick contact is allowed
  • For double-minor CFB penalties, 2 penalty shots will be awarded, but the player is not expelled if it is their first infraction
  • For major, misconduct, gross misconduct or match penalties, the player will be expelled immediately, and 2 penalty shots will be awarded
A note on rule modifications:
In order for scrimmages or games to be played, the Province of Ontario mandates modifications to all sports where "contact is inherent to play."  As a result, these rule modifications are mandatory for any sanctioned club playing within their own association or in a cohort league with a neighbouring community.  While these modifications will be an adjustment to the way we approach lacrosse, they are rooted in a safety-first approach.  In all cases, clubs are advised to ease into activity with a focus on participant safety prior to introducing scrimmages or game play. 
**Please note these rule modifications may be revised are added to, in accordance with public health measures and OLA guidelines.
Updated: April 5, 2021
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