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Modifications for League Play

This section explains how North Perth Outlaws Lacrosse will structure 50-player cohort leagues within the Huron-Perth public health region, under provincial restrictions and based on OLA RTA documents.  

Easing Participants Back to Activity
Guidance varies based on the age and physical health of each individual, but as a general rule, it is advised that player and officials participate in at least 4 weeks of practice, training and conditioning before returning to modified games (Stage 4) to minimize the risk of injury.

Stage 1 - At Home Individual Training
Description: Players should practice lacrosse-specific skills at home with individual drills that can be done in the backyard or driveway.  Training sessions during this period should focus on skill concepts: wall ball, ground balls, shooting on an empty net.
Goal: Begin preparing for team participation with simple conditioning, core work and body movement.  Stretching, small movements and short sessions are critical.

Stage 2
- Small Group Modified Activities
Description: Players should build on lacrosse-specific skills in settings of between 2 and 10 people.  Training sessions during this period should introduce basic athletic movement while ensuring physical distance: cardiovascular conditioning and basic lacrosse fitness.
Goal: Improve hand-eye coordination, footwork and shooting skills, as well as cardiovascular and lacrosse fitness in a small, consistent group format.

Stage 3
- Medium Group Modified Activities
Description: Players should continue lacrosse-specific skills in settings of between 10 and 50 people. Training sessions during this period should build on physical movement concepts while physically distanced: cardiovascular conditioning and lacrosse fitness.
Goal: Continue developing appropriate fitness levels, increasing intensity and competitiveness in drills, including game-specific drills.

Stage 4
- Medium Group Modified Games
Description: Players are introduced to modified game play in consistent cohorts of between 10 and 50 people.  Rules must be modified to avoid body contact, and game lengths should be reduced in early stages to allow players to rebuild strength and lacrosse IQ.

Goal: Create a competitive environment with local players to enhance skills while protecting athletes through physical distancing and modified games that avoid body contact.

Guidelines for Non-contact Play
In accordance with Section 8, Subsection 7 (Team Sports) of Ontario Regulation 364/20, "Sports may only be practiced or played within the facility if they do not allow for physical contact between players or if they have been modified to avoid physical contact between the players."

Non-contact lacrosse is a temporary but necessary measure in response to the pandemic for Ontario Lacrosse to transition back to standard play.  If provincial restrictions are further relaxed, there may be options for minimal contact to be reintroduced in a safe, measured manner.  If this becomes the case, these changes will be communicated.

Stick-to-Stick Contact - Minor Box Lacrosse
  • Stick-to-stick contact is not allowed at U7 and below
  • Gloves/hands are not part of the player's stick
  • Stick-to-stick contact is allowed when it is intended to block a shot or dislodge the ball
  • Off-ball stick-checking is not allowed (checking a non-ball carrier's stick is considered minor interference)
Any body-to-body contact or stick-to-body contact will be penalized by the officials.  In the practices and training sessions that precede modified games, coaches must emphasize ball movement, passing and catching, and safe play where stick-to-stick contact is allowed.  

Forming Cohorts
A cohort is a closed bubble of no more than 50 players who agree to limit their participation to a single group of players at one time.  A 50-player cohort may form a mini league. and play simultaneously alongside other 50-player cohorts within the same region, but these leagues cannot cross without first entering a 14-day isolation period.  Players within a cohort do not need to maintain physical distance in the Orange, Yellow and Green zones during dynamic play, however any games must be played with modified rules that exclude body-to-body and stick-to-body contact in order to comply with provincial restrictions.  
Coaches, officials, spectators and facility staff do not contribute to the 50-player cohort limit, but these individuals may be limited by public health restrictions and/or municipal facility rules.  It is also recommended that close proximity is limited by these individuals for the safety of the participating players.  50-player cohorts can be formed based on an association's registration numbers.
North Perth Outlaws Local League Structure:
A staged reintroduction of sport will be used as per OLA RTA, which will ease participants back to Activity.
Cohorts will be formed prior to the start of the North Perth Outlaws lacrosse season, based on age and registration numbers.
Cohorts will not change over the course of the season, which will eliminate the need for 2-week isolation breaks. All participation will be within the Huron-Perth health region.
Based on preregistration and early registration numbers, it is anticipated that cohorts will be formed as follows:

Cohort 1 - U22/U17
Cohort 2 - U15/U13
Cohort 3 - U11/U9
Cohort 4 - Paperweight

The priority of North Perth Outlaws Lacrosse will be the safety of all participants.  Coaches will be advised to group players by age and skill level during skills sessions and practices.  For game play, lines are to be formed and players of similar age and skill level will compete against each other.  A buzzer system for line changes may be used to ensure this occurs during games.  Each team will consist of two lines.  Game play will be 3 on 3, 4 on 4, or 5 on 5, and be determined once registration is final and cohorts are formed.  Following these guidelines will also allow for maximum player development.

All skills sessions, practices, and games will occur within the Huron-Perth health region.

Stage 1: at home individual training

Stage 2: at home training with a partner from the same household

Stage 3: Skills sessions begin.  Cohorts will be split into 2 skills session groups to ensure participant floor limits are not exceeded.  Each group will participate in 2 skills sessions per week.  This stage may also be used to evaluate players and begin the team selection process for Stage 4.

Stage 4: Modified game play begins.  Cohorts will be split into 4 even teams to form mini leagues.  Each team will have one shared practice and one game per week.
The length and start date of each stage will be determined based on current health restrictions and facility availability.  With current stay-at-home orders, it is anticipated that Stage 3 will begin no earlier than the second week of May, and last 2 to 3 weeks.  It is the goal of North Perth Outlaws Lacrosse to have Stage 4 last between 9 and 12 weeks, giving each team a 9 to 12 game schedule.  As cohorts will not change over the course of the season, there will be no need for 2-week isolation breaks.  

The paperweight program will follow a similar staged progression, in a shorter 8-week season, within their own cohort.

If the Huron Perth health unit moves to red in the provincial framework, group sizes will be reduced to ensure participant limits are not exceeded and group training will continue, and modified game play will cease. Floor times per week may be reduced while in red to accommodate more groups.   If the health unit moves into grey, all on floor operations will stop.  Players residing outside the Huron-Perth health unit that participate in the league must follow the colour framework of the health unit in which they reside, and may not participate in person if their health unit is in red or grey.

** For further reading please refer to OLA RTA: Modifications for League Play
**Revisions or additions will be made in accordance with OLA guidelines, local health unit recommendations, and provincial health measures
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